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I gained the title full professor from the Department of Mathematics of the University of California at San Diego. I am currently based at the Laboratoire de Probabilités, Statistique et Modélisation, University of Paris - Sorbonne. Like most of my colleagues my time is divided between teaching, research and service to the profession. The topic of my own thesis was survival analysis and that has remained a strong interest throughout my career.  With colleagues, I recently set up the statistical consulting group Novametrics Ltd. in order to improve communication between the developers and the users of modern biostatistical techniques. The group organizes courses on recent developments of statistical methodology of relevance to the pharmaceutical industry. We also provide support to individual projects.




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``What is the novel about?''``It's about Pontius Pilate. About what? About what? About whom?  said Woland after he stopped laughing. ``In these times? Why that's stupendous. Couldn't you find another subect? Let me have a look at it. ``Unfortunately I can't do that replied the Master, I burned it in the stove.'' ``Forgive me but I don't believe you'' said Woland.``That cannot be. Manuscripts don't burn.''

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